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Fans keep prices very high for these records :. Listed below are the 14 most collected artists and most valuable records in order in Records by the most collected artists can have a very high value if the artist has millions of fans that want to own everything by the artist or group. The discs are nearly scratch free; customers are picky, therefore, so are we!

Jewel case, liner notes and tray cards are intact. CDS: rock, soul, jazz, metal, hip-hop, electronic, reggae, world, country, folk, soundtracks, classical and more! We are always looking for high end turntables, speakers, receivers, vintage amplifiers and the like. However, we can not purchase large console record player systems due to space. Email us at plattersandaxes gmail. We require to increase our collection and inventory of Rock and Roll Memorabilia. If you would like more information or to make an appointment to sell us your items, please Email us at plattersandaxes gmail.

Original soundtrack LPs, TV related records, box sets etc. Official tour merchandise, T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Jackets, crew clothing etc. We also need Ivor Novello, B.

Your records must be in brand new or close to it condition in order to have any value. Some value — All original 45 RPM records manufactured from to current. Original records? Original records were the first commercial releases manufactured by the record company when the record was first popular. Edison and other cylinders made from to Generally, the following music and other categories have little or no value no matter when they were produced.

Military bands and marches,. Sound-effect recordings,. Movie sound tracks,. Broadway and other live performance shows,. Classical, symphony orchestra and opera,. Most other specialized music categories. Autographed items have no additional value unless accompanied by a legal document completed at time of signing. Imperfect pressings wrong labels on records, etc have no value.

One in a million. But if you must know, there are some instances in which records will sell:. Early records from emerging artists on regional record labels. Sometimes these are worth money, but usually not. Some promotional or DJ copies, but only if they were made in small quantities and the artist has a large following of rabid fans. Picture sleeves from 45 RPM singles that are rare.

Hard to find records in mint condition. Sinatra and the Partridge Family are not hard to find. You can look up records in online lists and printed price guides. But remember, these people are in the business of printing price guides, not buying records. Album covers with good aesthetics in good condition.

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These are usually sold as impulse items at garage sales or flea markets — some Sinatra fan sees the fantastic photo on the cover of Strangers In the Night and thinks it might look nice in a frame. Sorry, yours is worthless too. Condition is paramount. Do you wish to determine the value or sell obviously used copies no sleeves or covers, noisy when played, scratches, marks, writing on label or cover, etc of common, best-selling phonograph records from any year ? Sorry to tell you this, but almost every best-selling record from the past was pressed in the millions and used copies usually have little or no value.

The best value on obviously used records described above is not what money they will fetch but the enjoyment you can still get from them — continuing to play them, enjoying the music and remembering the moments — this is why the records were purchased in the first place right? Identify your records before you go further. Understand what you own.

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It is impossible to determine the value or sell your records if you do not even know if you have 78s or 45s or LPs. Sort the three different speeds sizes into three different piles. Use the three names 78s, 45s and LPs for making your lists and any communications you might have about the. In other words, the rare and valuable stuff. It pictorially shows you how to grade records, how to differentiate between different pressings, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

The link goes to Amazon. An avid collector of records for over 48 years, Jerry Osborne has also worked full-time as an author of record price guides and reference books since The recordings of approximately 50, different artists are included. Loaded with plenty of great photos. Covers pop, rock, country, jazz, blues, and a little of everything else — from to present; from the very popular to the very, very obscure. Sorting Your Records for Sale or value. Made it this far on this page?

Congratulations — there is a lot to read! Your records may not be worth the all the work or time to list them, sell them, package them or ship them. Sort your records and decide what records you own have some potential value using the guidelines below. A barely visible scuff may be permitted, but no scratches. The main difference being that a Good record may skip or stick in a few places.

A record at this grade is being sold because of its extreme rarity, and should be considered filler for your collection until another copy comes along. Book value or appraised price of any item whether its a car, a house, a diamond ring, an old Barbie doll, antique tin soldiers or records does not necessarily always mean the selling price you are going to get. Its a guide for an approximate value only. In most cases book value is the highest price a dealer can possibly sell the item for. In order for you to get the same selling price you must find a buyer willing to pay the same price — usually a collector.

If you are planning to sell your items to a dealer — generally, the higher the book value, the higher percent a dealer will usually pay for your items.

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This is the same with every type of collectible, not just records. This is because the dealer probably has copies of all of your records already. Whether you call them vinyl, phonograph, LP, or gramophone records, here is a primer on how to make a treasure out of them. They could yield some extra money and free up some valuable space in your home for other uses. Gather together all the records you think you may want to get rid of, and prepare to profit off your past.

Catalog your records. List the artist, the title of the record, LP, 45 or 78 rpm, the record catalog number, and its condition. Check the condition of the record.

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Those with surface noise and scratches will be of little or no value. Some dealers may have a slightly different grading scale. Think about the content of the recording. Generally speaking, there is more interest in music than in spoken word or comedy records and the value would therefore be greater. Certain kinds of musical recordings bring high sales prices.

The Long Island Vinyl Exchange Massive Collection Fuels the Surge of Music on Wax

Jazz records and original Broadway cast and movie soundtracks tend to provide a more active market and greater value. Also, early rhythm and blues records and the doowop sound are highly valued and collectible. Among classical records, the most valuable are orchestral performances, then solo instrumental, chamber music and concertos, solo vocal and operatic arias, and finally, complete operas.

To some collectors, whether a record is mono or stereo affects the value. Consider supply and demand.


How available is the record? If millions were initially sold, it is likely that many will turn up in thrift shops, used record stores, and many homes. The scarcity factor must be present. There are a number of price guides published, but values indicated are generally highly inflated or based on an isolated sale. Obviously, collectors and dealers want to read that records can bring high prices.

Internet marketplaces such as Ebay can be a source of information about what a record might sell for. Remember, value rests in the mind of the buyer. We know how emotional selling your records can be. We offer fair market on records. If that is not what you are looking for, please feel free to keep them.

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