Templates for tracking the progress of teachers

Teachers mark down day-to-day results in the blank cells. One interesting fact about this solution: it breaks the normal design pattern of separating input data from nicely formatted sheets. For example, it is rather hard to build BI-style reports using this data. But in this solution, which focuses on optimizing for paper usage, the sheet is organized as a sort of manually laid-out cross-tab.

How To Create A Project Manager In Excel [Part 1]

It is important to be able to lay things out and adjust widths and heights based on the need to print the sheets. The reporting part of this phase of the solution was still completely manual: Michal designed a report template in Excel, and teachers would photocopy the template once per student and fill it out based on the tracking sheet results.

40+ FREE Attendance Tracker Templates [Employee, Student, Meeting]

Remember, I am talking about filling out the form in the pen-and-paper sense. The process is error prone and errors do indeed occur. The workbook above was a great start and has been successfully used for over a year now. She came up with a few things:. Still remains to be seen, as this new version has not been used yet. Michal is happy about the better maintainability and robustness of this workbook. She is particularly excited about the bulk report generation. Being able to generate dozens of reports in seconds, rather than hours, opens up possibilities she did not have before — such as reporting back to parents in shorter intervals.

I hope I was able to demonstrate how Excel can be used in a somewhat unconventional way, combining manual input and tracking with report automation.

Excel is flexible and powerful enough to even lend itself to such a hybrid solution. Click here to download a copy of the progress tracking and reporting workbook, which has all the elements discussed above, including the VBA code to auto-generate multiple snapshot report sheets.

AI in Microsoft is driving a significant shift in how people interact with Microsoft applications.

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Tracking Attendance helps Teachers to monitor Student Progress

Today, at the Microsoft Ignite conference in Orlando, Florida, we announced new Microsoft innovations. Product Description. I have gained a lot of compliments from the creation of my digital tracking system for students. As an elementary computer teacher, my colleagues needed a way for their students to track their progress.

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They were using pieces of papers in binders which were taking a lot of time. Having a district, each student has their own laptop. I created a digital tracking system to help track their progress digitally.

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I am also including an Excel version. It is not as pretty but it still works great.

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The purpose of this tracking is that it automatically creates a visual when students input their target rating for the day. Besides the templates I have included examples as well! This has been used in grades 3 and up.

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  6. Templates for tracking the progress of teachers
    Templates for tracking the progress of teachers
    Templates for tracking the progress of teachers
    Templates for tracking the progress of teachers
    Templates for tracking the progress of teachers
    Templates for tracking the progress of teachers
    Templates for tracking the progress of teachers

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