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It is faced with Madera County granite on the exterior, and Indiana sandstone within, together with finish marbles from Alabama, Colorado, Vermont, and Italy. Much of the statuary is by Henri Crenier.

The Rotunda is a spectacular space and the upper levels are public and handicapped accessible. Opposite the grand staircase, on the second floor, is the office of the Mayor. Bronze busts of former Mayor George Moscone and his successor, Dianne Feinstein , stand nearby as tacit reminders of the Moscone assassination , which took place just a few yards from that spot in the smaller rotunda of the mayor's office entrance.

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A bust of former county supervisor Harvey Milk , who was assassinated in the building was unveiled on May 22, MAYOR [11]. While plaques at the Mall entrance memorialize President George Washington 's farewell address and President Abraham Lincoln 's Gettysburg Address , the primary themes of the statuary are to the past mayors, with the dates of their terms in office.

The current City Hall building is a replacement for the original building, which was designed by Augustus Laver and Thomas Stent [ citation needed ] and completed in after 27 years of planning and construction. Noted city planner and architect Daniel Burnham published a plan in to redesign the city, including a new Civic Center complex around City Hall, [13] but the plans were shelved in the wake of the San Francisco earthquake , which destroyed the City Hall. Reconstruction plans following the earthquake for the Civic Center complex called for a neo-classical design as part of the city beautiful movement, as well as a desire to rebuild the city in time for the Panama-Pacific International Exposition.

Ground was broken for the new City Hall at Van Ness and Fulton on April 5, , [1] [16] and the cornerstone was laid on October 25 of that year. The main rotunda served as the site where many prominent politicians and public servants laid in state. In May , the main Rotunda was a site of a student protest against the House Un-American Activities Committee and a countering police action whereby students from UC Berkeley, Stanford, and other local colleges were fire hosed down the steps beneath the rotunda.

City Hall reopened after its seismic upgrade in January , and was the world's largest base-isolated structure at that time. The city hall has attempted to recruit peregrine falcons to nest in aeries outside the dome. Pigeon droppings have to be periodically cleaned from the pair of glass-covered light wells that were covered with concrete at the height of modernism. The new city hall in nearby San Jose has already drawn at least one pair of falcons, discovered by Mayor Ron Gonzales himself as he saw pigeon feathers descend past a window during a meeting.

The original grand plaza has undergone several extensive renovations, with radical changes in its appearance and utility. Prior to the s there were extensive brick plazas, few trees, and a few large, simple, raised, and circular ponds with central fountains, all in a style that discouraged loitering.

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The plaza was then extensively excavated for underground parking. At this time a central rectangular pond, with an extensive array of water vents strangely, all in several strict rows and all pointing east, with identical arcs of water, and completely without sculptural embellishment , was added, with extensive groves of trees again, in 60s modernist style, planted with absolute military precision on rectangular grids. In the s, with the rise of the problem of homelessness , the plaza was once again remodeled to make it somewhat less habitable—although the most significant change, the replacement of the pond and pumps with a lawn, could be reasonably justified on the basis of energy and water conservation.

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  • Martha Cohen, director of Special Events, has added color changeable LED lighting to the outside of the Rotunda, and between the exterior columns. The colors change to coincide with different events happening in the city and elsewhere. The beauty of City Hall has not been lost on filmmakers working in San Francisco; many films have shot scenes in and around the building.


    Ironically, what may be the best-known scene was set in Washington, DC but filmed at San Francisco City Hall: in Raiders of the Lost Ark a late addition to the production was filmed in the rotunda when it was decided that a coda was needed for Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood's relationship. The scene from A View to a Kill the last James Bond film to star Roger Moore is particularly memorable for the blaze which tore through the building as a result of an attempt to kill Bond and Stacey Sutton , however they managed to escape, stealing a fire truck in the process.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. San Francisco City Hall San Francisco City Hall. San Francisco Designated Landmark. Pre- earthquake , c. Original San Francisco City Hall, completed in Ever since the fire the ample ruins of the old city hall have been displayed to visitors.

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