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November 5, Election Absentee ballots are now available. If you have submitted a signed absent voter applicaton, ballots will be mailed out starting Tuesday, Ocotber 8, You can obtain an an absent voter applicaton by clicking the link, calling the City Clerk, or visiting City Hall.

SE 26th Terrace, Cape Coral, FL - Muhs Jeffrey Public Records

When obtaining a ballot in person, ID is required. Ballots can not be issued to anyone but the ID holder. Ballots Samples are available. If you would like to be added to the City's Permanent Absent Voter list, please contact the City Clerk at The first phase of a sewer lining project has been awarded to Lanzo Corporation. The work is expected to begin in November for the area of the City circled in red on the map and be completed in December Since the lining project begins with above-ground measurements of manhole locations, the contractor will need access to backyards for homes if the sewer line is located there.

Door hangers will be dropped off prior to the work being done and they contain instructions for homeowners. After the measurements are taken, the contractor will prep and videotape the condition of the sewer lines, then the new lining will be installed. Learn more about the lining process at this YouTube link. A major renovation of Peasley Park is scheduled to begin Monday, September 30th. A natural play area will be installed including a sand play area, climbing boulders, slide, log tunnel, play mound and a log pile along with new picnic tables and benches.

A new walking path leading from the entrance on Balfour to the drinking fountain will be added. The large greenspace on the south side of the park will remain open during construction and after the project is completed. Peasley Park is on Coolidge between Balfour and Winchester.

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In , the City Commission convened a resident led ad hoc committee to study the City's long-term financial outlook. A Final Report was released in July to the City Commission with recommendations on how to address the remaining road and sewer work and possible revenue and expenditure modifications to achieve long-term positive financial health for the City. Residents are encouraged to attend to learn more about the recommendations from the Committee. A copy of the Final Report is available on the City's website. To that end, he collaborated with representatives from the Welcoming Cities initiative and proposed a new resident-led Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee.

Read More. Construction is scheduled to begin September 9th and completion is anticipated in mid-June The nature of the repair may require the use of trucks and other construction vehicles along Huntington Road. The Zoo will make every effort to minimize any inconvenience to residents in Huntington Woods and Royal Oak.

The City Commission approved the purchase and installation of a new sign at Scotia Park with four inch removable letters. Revenue from past Community Fund Board programs were used for the project. The objective was to look at opportunities for improvement along our shared 11 Mile and Coolidge corridors. The engineering firm of Spaulding DeDecker was awarded the contract for the study and their report is complete.

The City Commission received the report at the July 16th meeting and directed staff to obtain feedback from City Departments and the Planning Commission. The report is available for viewing HERE. Consumers Energy is replacing the gas line in the right of way and the adjoining service leads in the area marked on the map. The work will be done with directional boring to minimize disruption to the right of way and homeowners getting new service leads will be contacted by Consumers Energy directly.

The annual report on the source and quality of your drinking water is available here.

All proceeds support Library programming and events. The Friends of the Library President Melissa Kessler issued a letter encouraging residents to support the organization and their efforts. The Friends most successful fundraiser is the bi-monthly used book sale and volunteers are needed to sort the books and staff the sale. If you have time and value the Library, please consider joining the Friends of the Library and contributing to their success.

DTE Energy has advised the City it will be performing tree trimming as part of its ongoing maintenance program in Huntington Woods this year. The area where the trimmers will be working is shaded in green on the map. At this time they have not provided us with a date that the work will begin. DTE does communicate with residents along the proposed trim route using letters, phone calls, knocking on doors and leaving door hangers if no one is home.

Known Residents

Residents will be informed about trimming or removals on their property before the work begins. Trimmers do not remove trees without permission. More information on their communication plan can be found on the DTE website. See the attached for more information. You should not allow any person s to enter your residence or place of business unless they are known to you. It is with sadness that the City informs residents of the passing of former employee, Lois Silk. Lois worked at City Hall and was the City's official "post office mistress" while she worked here from to We remember her for her diligent work ethic and always with a sense of humor.

Funeral arrangements are being handled by Sawyer-Fuller in Berkley.

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If you are looking for employment opportunities, the Huntington Woods Public Safety Department is accepting applications for one full time and one contingent School Crossing Guard. Click here to view and "like" the page! Click to view the fact sheet. Click here to try it out. We have developed a tax calculator to provide you with a fast and easy tool to determine the estimated property tax change associated with the proposed bond referendum. Click here to use the calculator. Did you know that fruit and vegetable scraps can be placed in your yard waste container to be composted?

The container can be purchased at the Department of Public Works.


Click here for more information on compost program. The report can be found on our website and will be mailed to all homes shortly. View Flyer Here. Skywarn is a training program from Oakland County. Individuals are trained to accurately observe certain weather phenomena such as cloud features that can lead to tornadoes and to identify storms that can cause damage. The class covers what information to report and how to report it. The impact of the great recession in has left the City very close to or at the maximum millage cap for our multiple governmental funds.

He fills the vacancy created when Jay Mader retired earlier this summer. Prior to Oak Park he worked for a company that specialized in underground utility construction. Scotia Park Renovation Update. It will be presented to the City Commission for their consideration at the April 25th City Commission meeting. The report is the culmination of years of efforts of the Committee to study the need for and feasibility of senior housing options in the City. A copy of the report is available HERE.

The Consumers Annual Report on Water Quality shows the sources of our water, lists the results of our tests, and contains important information about water and health. We will notify you immediately if there is ever any reason for concern about our water. DTE has advised the City they will performing tree trimming as part of their ongoing maintenance program in Huntington Woods this year. The area to be worked on is on this map shaded in green. They do not remove trees without permission. More information on their communication plan can be found at this link. Both studies can be viewed on our website at these links: Needs Assessment Survey Findings. Watch the episode. Start Pedaling Get On that Bike! Zoo administration officials discuss the fencing issue along the Zoo property in Huntington Woods, and new developments regarding the application of screening and planting along Huntington Road Search the Lee County Appraiser records for property information by parcel number, owner name, or address.

Search the Lee County tax rolls for property information by year and, account number, name, or address. You may then view details of each individual parcel in the resulting list. Lee County Clerk of Courts official records and recorded documents.

Property Details for 5202 York Court

Lee County recorded documents, searchable by many variables. Search the Lee County Appraiser database for Tangible Property by business name, address, parcel, strap or tangible account number for certified tax roll data. Search the Lee County tax rolls for tangible property information by tax year and account number, name, or address. Search the Lee County Tax Collector database for Tax Certificates by certificate number, account number, vendor ID, vendor name, or property owner name.

Register with the Lee County Clerk of Court to search for tax deed sales. Active traffic incident reports from the Lee County Sheriff's Office. Please use the Report Broken Link form if any of the above resources do not connect.

public records for cape coral flordia Public records for cape coral flordia
public records for cape coral flordia Public records for cape coral flordia
public records for cape coral flordia Public records for cape coral flordia
public records for cape coral flordia Public records for cape coral flordia
public records for cape coral flordia Public records for cape coral flordia
public records for cape coral flordia Public records for cape coral flordia

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