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Coterminous with the borough of Brooklyn, citizens of this county have general access to criminal records, public records, arrest records, court records, and more. New York County, which represents the borough of Manhattan, is the most densely populated county in the country.

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Public records are all available to the public by law. New Yorkers here enjoy the same public record freedoms as the rest of the state. Nassau County is the sixth largest in the state. Nassau County citizens have the right to search for and obtain public records. Citizens here can expect the same public record access as those throughout the state. Citizens here can access public, court, criminal, and arrest records.

Last Name:. It differs somewhat from his actual address and has been edited for length and clarity. The history of baseball he offered omits the thriving African-American teams in the Negro League. Baseball is an American game. It was started a little over years ago by Colonel Abner Doubleday.

In , the first baseball club was organized in New York City and was known as the Knickerbocker Club.

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This club first drafted the code of rules for baseball. The first game of record played under these rules between the Knickerbocker Club and a picked team, which called itself The New York Club, was played in Hoboken, New Jersey, in In , there was a revision of the rules which provided specification for the size and the weight of the ball. In , the first attempt at organization of the clubs was made as clubs were spreading to many Eastern cities. Van Cott, was its first president. In a convention was held in New York City at which 91 clubs were represented.

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In and professional baseball began to make its appearance and a conflict between amateurs and professionals developed. At that time, players did not derive their livelihood from baseball, but the more expert players accepted money from clubs to play on their teams. In we find the first pool selling and gambling and bribery by gamblers. This outraged the good element among the ballplayers and organizers of clubs and… it was nipped in the bud. In the Cincinnati team was organized on what was known as semi-professional lines, but in , the team was hired as an outright professional organization and made a successful tour of the United States, winning every game.

Chicago next went professional and by , the Amateur National Association of Baseball Players was abandoned. It dissolved in when the National League came into existence on February 2, with 8 cities as member teams. Its first president was Morgan G. Bulkeley, rather colorless, but he was succeeded next year by William A. Hulbert, who started baseball history. He was admired by everyone for he was the first to expel for life four baseball players found guilty of dishonesty. From this time in , confidence was established in professional baseball and Hulbert remained president until Scenes from baseball game, August 24, In the American Association was formed in cities, not members of the National League, but by the American was merged with the National League into a club organization, having a monopoly of major league baseball.

Louis and Cincinnati]. In Charles A. Comiskey, owner of the St.

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Paul Club of the Western league obtained permission to put a club in Chicago. He wanted to expand to Baltimore and Washington, which had been abandoned by the National League, so gradually a new American League was formed and became a rival with a following equally as great as that of the National. In an agreement between the two major leagues established the National Commission, a final court of resort for all organized baseball and a new system of government in the baseball world.

The Commission was composed of three members, the President of the two leagues and a third, selected by the two, who became chairman. Decisions rendered by this National Commission, after a few years, provoked another controversy in baseball.

After a scandal involving players who were charged with dishonest practices the Commission was abolished in November, It was replaced by a one-man authority who every American knows, Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis, a federal judge who was elected Commissioner of baseball with jurisdiction over all clubs and leagues…. Professional ball players regard their occupation highly.

I would say that they have as great a responsibility to the public and to the children of our country as public officials. Temperance and clean habits are expected of all ball players, and late hours, over-eating, drinking, gambling and other forms of dissipation are strictly forbidden. For several weeks before the opening of the season, the men are put through severe courses in physical training so that they may enter upon the serious work of the year in First Class condition. The manager of a team who hopes to defeat all other clubs in his league must see to it that his team is kept in fighting condition throughout the season.

It takes work, work, work, as much as being a concert pianist. These men who acquire fame on the diamond have the confidence of the people. You all remember our Lou Gehrig. When he was stricken and could not play, you may recall I appointed him a Commissioner on the Parole Board. It is the duty of the Commissioner to get information from men who have slipped and have been sentenced to the penitentiary. Sometimes it is very hard to get the truth. Well, you know, Lou Gehrig never had any trouble at all.

When there was doubt as to the truth of the statements of any of the prisoners seeking parole, they would refer the case to Lou and Lou would question the prisoner. Gehrig, I would not lie to you. It is interesting to note that before Judge Landis was appointed, the Ex-President of the United States, William Howard Taft, had been consulted and considered whether or not he would take the Commissionership — he was quite a baseball fan you know.

New York Public Records

Under Commissioner Landis, strict rules have been laid down and rigidly enforced. Numbers of instances might be cited where betting syndicates have been fined and ordered away from cities where World Series were being played.

Yankee Stadium, Yankees on the field during game, probably the World Series. Cosmo-Sileo Co. The last scandal, which resulted in the appointment of Judge Landis, was rather sensational. Patrons of the game are sensitive about its integrity. And now, on the eve of the annual struggle between the champions of the big leagues Commissioner Landis is obliged to announce the guilt of two members of the New York National team, against whom charges of attempted bribery has been proved, and to cast them into the outer darkness of ineligibility…. You heard about the 10 million Americans who attended the game, I said that was but a small percentage of the real baseball fans of our country.

Oh, I would say that at the twilight hour, after sundown in the summertime, and before dark, 40, 50, or maybe 60 million Americans are playing ball — that is, they are playing over again the games that were played that afternoon — yes, perhaps, the gentleman in his study and in his comfortable leather chair, or the farmer on the back porch in Iowa or Nebraska, with his suspenders hanging down, his chair tilted back; or the gentleman on the veranda of the country club; or the gentleman on the fire-escapes of an East Side tenement, or in the city drug stores or out in the forest or in the mines, are listening to the radio….

Crowd in the bleachers World Series At every supper table and in the family life of our country, the game is played over again. Every family divides, each has his favorite. There is always someone in the family for one club, another boosting another club. We have a Dodger fan right in our own family. We must be neutral, they are both New York City teams. The war in Europe was largely over, V-E Day had been declared about seven weeks earlier, and the fall of Japan was near. The city was going about its business shortly before 10 a.

The building topped 1, feet, so the plane, which was going more than miles per hour, rammed through the 78th and 79th floors with tremendous force, sending an elevator plummeting 75 floors and triggering three separate heavy fires. Empire State Building Disaster: Interior, pm; 79th Floor, showing hole in wall where plane crashed, July 28, The pilot and the two other men in the plane—including a Navy machinist from Brooklyn—were killed instantly and 11 people in the building or on the ground died. Telegrams, letters, secret communications between the City and Washington, and a detailed and heavily-illustrated Fire Department report in the Municipal Library and Archives recount the events of that dark day.

At approximately a. Smith Jr.

Following procedure, the LaGuardia Tower told the pilot to call Newark for the local weather. Hole in south wall where plane crashed into elevators. Airways Traffic Control radioed that the weather at Newark was feet ceiling and said the plane should land at LaGuardia.

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Since it was a bomber, the tower contacted Army Advisory, which said visibility was a little better than that and the tower asked the pilot what he wanted to do. Smith, a West Point graduate who had completed 42 missions in Europe during the war, made the fateful decision to proceed to Newark. But visibility was near zero and the pilot apparently became disoriented, turned the wrong way after skirting the Chrysler Building on 42nd Street and almost immediately slammed into the north side of the Empire State Building.

The first fire alarm was pulled at a. Firemen walking through rubble in rear. An extensive Fire Department report issued by Commissioner Patrick Walsh on August 21, , picks up the story, reporting that the plane hit between the 78th and 79th floors with such tremendous force that it made an byfoot hole in what was then the tallest building in the world. One engine flew through the south side of the building and landed a block away atop the roof of a factory on West 33rd St.

The other engine plummeted down an elevator shaft and triggered a fire that lasted more than 40 minutes. Parts of a hurtling motor and other sections of the plane that passed entirely through the structure had brought fire to the roof and top floor of a thirteen-story building across the street from the scene of the original tragedy.

A third fire had developed in the basement and sub-basement of the Empire Building itself. Walsh wrote that the fires were brought under control in 19 minutes and were extinguished within 40 minutes. Persons had been trapped on the 78th and many more on the 79th floor. Persons on the 80th and other floors were exposed to considerable smoke and heat. There was a dangerous possibility of panic among the people in the building.

property records for new york city Property records for new york city
property records for new york city Property records for new york city
property records for new york city Property records for new york city
property records for new york city Property records for new york city
property records for new york city Property records for new york city

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