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If you are still unable to find any results, please consider the type of correctional facility once more. As a reminder, inmates in Federal Prison will always be found at www. Inmates in county jail will be found on the specific county websites while inmates in a state facility will be found on the specific state websites. The website Corrections.

Another free resource for searching state-by-state is TextBehind. Many systems have complete profiles on each inmate including a photo, incarceration history and more.

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If your offender inmate search does not provide a profile like the one mentioned above, you can likely find it by searching within the results. For example: If the results include a table with columns, some of the content in those columns may be clickable. After you find the information you seek about an inmate, you can learn more about communicating directly with them based on the guidelines set by the particular correctional facility.

Each facility has the right to set its own communication and visitation rules. Facilities that utilize ConnectNetwork offer multiple communication opportunities such as calls and emails. For additional information on communication offerings, visit us here. For any information regarding individuals who are currently on parole or serving probation, please contact the Parole and Probation Division of the Department of Public Safety.

The Department of Corrections does have a program for compassionate release for inmates who are terminally ill, or who suffer from substantial physical handicaps. Requests for this type of release are generally initiated by the Medical Division of the Department.

Information regarding this issue can be obtained by contacting the Family Services Division staff. Skip to Main Content. Inmate Information. General Information Most publicly available information about inmates can be viewed via this site's Inmate Search.

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Recent Arrests The Department of Corrections generally only has custody of, and information on, offenders who have received a sentence of incarceration in a Nevada State Prison, and are currently serving that sentence. Transfers No information will be provided regarding when approved transfers will be executed. Parole Release Information regarding the approval of release plans, and the date of inmate's releases on parole can be obtained from the pre-release unit of the Division of Parole and Probation along with their contact information. Lumberton Correctional Institution.

Robeson CRV. Piedmont Correctional Institution.

Inmate Locator

Rutherford Correctional Center. Sampson Correctional Institution. Scotland Correctional Institution. Albemarle Correctional Institution. Tyrrell Work Farm. Central Prison. North Carolina Correctional Institution for Women. Wake Correctional Center. Warren Correctional Institution. Neuse Correctional Institution. Wilkes Correctional Center.

They offer a few different options depending on the subject of the search. The basic process, though for looking up an inmate in state prison in North Carolina is as follows: Visit the North Carolina Department of Safety's website. North Carolina Federal Prisons In addition to the vast list of state prisons, North Carolina also has three federal prisons in the state to house federal inmates. On their website, they have a page for each facility so the public can learn more or friends and family can find out about visitation and sending gifts or money. The list of federal prisons in North Carolina includes: Butner FCC - mullet-unit complex with four distinct facilities each housing a different level of custom from low to max security.

Raleigh RRM - residential reentry office. Rivers CI - A contracted correctional institution, operated by a private corporation housing 1, inmates. How to Search for an Inmate in a North Carolina Federal Prison The process for finding someone in federal prison is much different than for state prison.

The entire federal prison system is separate from state prisons; therefore, anyone wanting to find an inmate in a North Carolina federal prison must contact the Federal Bureau of Prisons directly. The FOB does have an inmate locator feature on their website and a page for each facility with contact information, details on visitation, and information on how to send gifts and money. Most of them have a county Sheriff's Office that manages and operates a county jail.

Prison Documentary - Alexander Correctional Institution - Documentary Prison

These facilities hold pretrial detainees and recently arrested suspects. They may stay in jail during the time of their initial hearing, their trial and then until sentencing to prison.

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Some may be released on bail or bond. Many of the local Sheriff's Offices have a website where the public can find out more about inmates and how the jails work. There is no centralized list of county jails, but the North Carolina Department of Public Safety would have information on each of them. They have linked records and could point them in the right direction. The other option is to contact the Sheriff's Office directly. Some of these law enforcement agencies have a website with an inmate search feature or listings of current residents in county jail.

North Carolina Juvenile Detention Centers North Carolina has six state-run juvenile detention centers and two local detention centers these operate as a county jail for youths. These facilities hold youth offenders under the age of During their stay, inmates receive treatment for addictions, mental and physical health screenings, and education. Cabarrus Regional Juvenile Detention Center. Cumberland Regional Juvenile Detention Center.

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Pitt Regional Juvenile Detention Center. Wake Juvenile Detention Center. Guilford County Juvenile Detention Center. Then the inmate has the option of applying to have their records expunged.

Inmate Locator - North Carolina State Prisons and County Jails

Therefore, juvenile records are not stored online in a searchable database. However, someone searching for an inmate located in a North Carolina juvenile detention center can contact the North Carolina Department of Public Safety or the facility directly. The DPS can provide direction on visiting, sending gifts or money, and phone calls. North Carolina Community Correctional Facilities North Carolina cares deeply about recidivism, and therefore, they have extensive programs for reentry and community corrections to provide pre-release and post-release supervision.

Their main goal is to protect the safety of the community and help inmates to reintegrate back into society successfully. They do this through education, assistance with parenting, mental illness, relationships, job placement, housing, and treatment for addictions.

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nc department of correction inmate search Nc department of correction inmate search
nc department of correction inmate search Nc department of correction inmate search
nc department of correction inmate search Nc department of correction inmate search
nc department of correction inmate search Nc department of correction inmate search
nc department of correction inmate search Nc department of correction inmate search
nc department of correction inmate search Nc department of correction inmate search

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