Florida state attorney criminal intent to defraud realtor

Jaquith and Scott J. Lampert, Special Agent in Charge of the U. Frank announced that Michael A. Morrison, 42, of Rockland, Maine, pleaded guilty in U. District Court to health care fraud and embezzlement from a health care benefit program. Attorney Dayle Elieson of the District of Nevada.

Department of Health and Human Services that will require regular monitoring of its billing practices for five years. Krueger announced today that Aurora Health Care, Inc. December 10, ; U. Attorney Trent Shores. December 7, ; U. Brady announced today.

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Wagdi Attia, M. Attia fraudulently billed Medicare and Medicaid for services not rendered. December 7, ; US. Higdon, Jr. Norman pleaded guilty to healthcare fraud. But while awaiting sentencing, she concocted another healthcare fraud scheme. December 4, ; U. December 3, ; U. The initial consultation is free and I am always available to advise you on the proper course of action that can be taken.

Organized Fraud Organized Fraud is punished more severely and is committed when a person actually obtains property pursuant to a scheme to defraud.

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Penalties for Scheme to Defraud The penalties for committing a Scheme to Defraud increase based upon the value of the property and whether the person committed Organized Fraud or Communications Fraud : Organized Fraud The penalties for Organized Fraud are based on the aggregate value of property actually obtained during a Scheme to Defraud. Up to fifteen years of probation. Up to Five 5 years of probation. Communications Fraud Unlike Organized Fraud, Communications Fraud is punished per communication, which means a person could be charged with numerous counts of Communications Fraud based upon the same ongoing Scheme to Defraud.


Up to five 5 years of probation. Up to one 1 year of probation. Defenses to Scheme to Defraud In addition to the pretrial defenses and trial defenses that can be raised in any criminal case, specific defenses to the crime of Scheme to Defraud are: Double Jeopardy As most Schemes to Defraud and theft offenses are considered degrees of the same core offense, only one conviction can be imposed if a person is charged with multiple theft and Scheme to Defraud offenses. Since , Schaffer has shared a house in Gulfport with Donald Dale Woosley; the names of both men are on the deed.

They set up a short-sale company, and Woosley formed Realty Resources, with both companies at Gulf Boulevard in St.

Florida Credit Card Fraud Laws

Also working at that address was Sanders, who represented clients in bankruptcy and foreclosure. Within two years of the housing crash, using Sanders as their attorney, Woosley and Schaffer declared personal bankruptcy. But their short-sale company bounced back, thanks in part to Sanders' other clients. In , after a judge denied a motion to dismiss his foreclosure case, Ranuro put his Tierra Verde townhouse on the market as a short sale.

What is Required to Prove Fraud in Florida Explained by Broward Fraud Lawyer William Moore

Schaffer was the listing agent. Even with a short sale, Realtors typically like to wait to see if they can get the highest price possible, both to increase their commission and to reduce the taxes the seller might have to pay if the bank forgives any of the debt. In this case, though, the townhouse went under contract almost immediately — to Woosley, Schaffer's roommate. At that point in , Woosley had been out of bankruptcy for only three years and out of foreclosure proceedings for just a year.

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It would have been hard to get a mortgage loan. Schaffer and Sanders approached Warner, a retired teacher whom Sanders had represented in a bankruptcy case. Under federal law, retirement funds do not have to be used to pay creditors in a bankruptcy. Sanders and Schaffer suggested Warner use her retirement money instead to make a real estate investment that would earn good interest.

Contracting Without a License-Florida | Definition and Penalties

Then the payments stopped in early I trusted you people. She took the letter to Schaffer and Sanders. They insisted, she says, that their accountant prepare an amended return showing the funds had been rolled over into a "self-directed" individual retirement account and therefore were not taxable.

The IRS rejected that explanation.

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Petersburg to Richard O. Johnson, then a Realty Resources agent. The property never went on the market and no transfer taxes were paid, indicating no money changed hands. Johnson, whom records show is now living North Carolina, could not be reached for comment. The transactions were "kind of strange and funny,'' Buck recently told the Tampa Bay Times. It has the same St.

Florida state attorney criminal intent to defraud realtor
Florida state attorney criminal intent to defraud realtor
Florida state attorney criminal intent to defraud realtor
Florida state attorney criminal intent to defraud realtor
Florida state attorney criminal intent to defraud realtor

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