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The arms and legs, while lifelike are bent in a position that makes dressing it a challenge. I love baby dolls. I already had fifteen when I saw this one and just couldn't resist adding one more to my collection. He's so cute and adorable and he looks and feels and smells like a newborn baby boy. He's even anatomically correct. The blanket that comes with him is much too small, but it doesn't matter. I love him and have named mine Timothy. I'd really like another one, but I don't have room for any more dolls right now.

He comes with a birth certificate and is dressed in the cutest outfit with cap and booties.

He has a diaper on and even a belly band and a hospital bracelet. What a cutie pie! I ordered this doll for my mother as a therapy doll.

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I chose it for the life-like features, hair, eyelashes, and size. Mom loves her baby and sleeps holding her close. My 5 year old was thrilled to receive this baby for Christmas. It has a little weight not completely hollow and made of semi-hard rubbery material that is "squeezable. The clothing looks a little cheapy, but my daughter didn't know any different. Would recommend!

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She's such a pretty doll. I got a couple of these for gifts. The outfit is super cute I posted pics. I am very happy with my purchase of our first reborn baby for my daughters birthday! Her hair is a little wild but she's still adorable and so cute in person. She's the perfect size for my daughter. And I believe she will fall inlove when she sees her! Thanks so much! I bought this for my baby crazed 8 year old for Christmas! I was trying to take off her shoes, popped off her foot by accident, freaked out, found out I could pop it back on, popped it back on.

Cassia — December 18, I got her in the mail on December 8. I am 23 years old and I love dolls and I collect toys and all I can say is she is amazing and I love her.

I wish I got her when I was a little girl, I will save her for when I have kids. I will also say Barbie sucks and Lammily rocks. Jolene Johnson — November 26, Lammily is so great. But I love how the outfits look. Very different from Barbie.

HJ — November 19, The doll inspires me to create female characters that give realistic, positive body image! I hope these dolls stick around for long time! Diane — November 4, Granddaughter Cassie loves this doll! All the clothes are chic but appropriate to a young adult. Just received 3 gowns which are gorgeous. Keep up the good work. My husband and I bought this for our daughter age 3 last Christmas.

She had been wanting a Barbie, but I was am not comfortable buying that brand because of various reasons. I did too. Her hair is so soft and beautiful. Her shape looks realistic, athletic, and healthy. She can actually sit on a toy horse for dolls. My daughter is now age 4 and really wants a pink ball gown for Ella. I hope the brand continues to expand.

I am pleased to see another doll is available for pre-order. I just hope some new clothing options develop for the dolls. They can be educated adventurers and still be more stylish…possibly even wear pink! Sean Gagnon — August 11, Hi Emily! Thank you so much for your interest in Lammily! We are working on getting Lammily into a toy store near you!

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Keep an eye out! Chloe — August 7, Laura — August 7, She is less than a year old, so hopefully dolls of different body shapes and races are released before she is old enough to play with them. I am planning on buying everything so she can have a good collection. Kathy — August 6, My daughters love their Lammily dolls! Sean Gagnon — August 3, Hi Irene — Thank you so much for your support! We appreciate your support! Stay tuned! Lee — July 29, I was excited about the concept of this doll but disappointed in the finished product. Pros: Hair is nice and easy to comb.

Face and breasts are realistic though torso a bit weird. Joints in elbows and knees barely bend. She cannot sit like a lady, but must spread her legs very wide open, which makes outfits like the Barcelona dress not fit when seated. Arms are proportionally too short Feet are too flat for heels so the plastic heels in the Barcelona outfit cannot be worn and look properly positioned.

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She should wear flats instead. Her shoulders are at 90 degrees to her neck making her torso look like a rectangle—too squared off. Barbies, sit much better and the more expensive ones have good joints and are easier to dress and play with and pose.

dolls that look like real people Dolls that look like real people
dolls that look like real people Dolls that look like real people
dolls that look like real people Dolls that look like real people
dolls that look like real people Dolls that look like real people
dolls that look like real people Dolls that look like real people

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