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- Class of 1998

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Seeking earthy, lakHadt WF, Reap ; WM. Text message sent on your digital pager or oh your cell phone. Give us your e-mail address and we'll do the rest.

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Not aU boxes contain a votce geetino. Leslie Byers backed by the swinging Jazz Cats, Byers will give die audience ample opportunity to dance on the club side floor. Tills St. Louis based band is branching out to the music scene in the Chicago-land area. Free parking is available. For reservations and infonnation, call The convention is hosted by tlie Waukegan Swedish Glee Club. Preceded by gathering music played by the Celebration Brass Quintet from p. At die midpoint of die program, soprano Marguerite Karl vvill present vocal solos.

From the earth-shaking rocket launch at Kazakhstan to close-up views of three space walks, "Space Station" offers an unprecedented look at astronaut life some miles above the Eardi's surface. Get an audientic look at life on die International Space Station. Learn how astronauts shave and shower in zero gravity orbiting die Earth at 17, miles per hour.

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Not one to buckle under stress, seek out the companionship of a new friend. Don't say a word unless you can back up your advice with evidence. If you've been liaving lofiy ideas, tliere bound to come to fruition, this week Gemini.


Stay patient until the weekend. Remember that humility Is one of the easiest ways to show what a good person you are. Keep hcolUi a main priority for the weekend. You can't Uve. Rdmoritlc possibilities seem strong and on the horizon. Sagittarius, your focus shifts to the responsibilities demanded of you. Always perceptive, you maintain control in every situation.

You'll resume fun times shorUy.

- Class of 1999

Don't let It go to your head. You're living in a fog, Aquarius, and you may need some evidence to Indicate where you've been and where you're headed. Cedar Lalce Rd. Dine in only, Minimum of two cnlrecs. Now Oh Sale! Our First Time Ever! Hurry Sale Ends Soon! Up To sq. Certainly it is slower to operate than a modem automatic camera, but an amazing image quality is obtained. Tliis makes it his tool of choice for his fine art photography. It is a big camera with an accordion-like bellows mounted on a sturdy tripod. Michael drapes a dark cloth over his head in order to view and focus tlie image on the ground glass.

Tlie image he sees is upside down and backward. While under the dark clotli he uses a magnifying glass to make sure the image is in critical focus. Wlien everything is perfect he uses a hand held light meter to determine the exposure time required. Next Michael places a single 4" x 5" sheet , of color film in the camera and releases the ftii shutter witli a cable release. One frame of film is 12 times larger than a 35mm film negative. The large negative allows Michael to create pictures witli extremely fine grain juid exquisite detail. Tliis enables him to make enlargements up to five feet wide witJi great detaillAfter processing the film, he color bal- ances each of his fine art photographs.

He may darken or lighten certain areas of tlie image to ake the most beautiful and expressive print possible. Michael may work for weeks on printing certain images before achieving the desired look in.

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He personal- ly selects the mat and frame for each finished photograph; His wife assists him in the matting and framing of the photographs. History of a fine art photographer Miciiacl Brown grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His interest in photography began in high' school where he took photog- raphy classes. Michael has been a part-time photographer for over 25 years, specializing in fine art photography for the last five years.

Michael and his family travel about four weeks during each year. Trips to the Grand Tetons, tlie Canadian Rockies, the Smoky Mountains, Oregon, and Maine have provid- ed Michael opportunities to captiu-e yery vivid color landscape photography. It is not uncommon for Michael to shoot his pictures very early in the morning or late in the evening. He has been known to drive to Lake Micliigan at 4 a.

dashaun iddeen free background info Dashaun iddeen free background info
dashaun iddeen free background info Dashaun iddeen free background info
dashaun iddeen free background info Dashaun iddeen free background info
dashaun iddeen free background info Dashaun iddeen free background info
dashaun iddeen free background info Dashaun iddeen free background info

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