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This type of criminal offense involves deliberately setting fire to a structure or land area, such as a house, car, or wooded area. You can also be charged with arson for failing to extinguish a fire you started, setting fire to possessions in order to claim insurance, or obstructing access to a fire hydrant.

Under Minnesota law, assault is considered an act intended to cause fear of immediate bodily injury or death, or an attempted or actual act causing bodily harm. You could be charged with assault for engaging in a fight with another person, touching another person without their consent.

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Minnesota law defines burglary as illegal entry into a residence with the intent to commit an offense, such as robbery, assault, or vandalism. In Minnesota, law enforcement and medical facilities can hold you against your will based on a mental or chemical health emergency. However, an attorney may be able to petition a district court judge to obtain your release. In Minnesota, disorderly conduct is considered to be any act that alarms, angers, disturbs, or provokes others. Common examples include fighting or using offensive language that arouses alarm in others.

Assault charges are considered domestic assault offenses if you share a domestic relationship with the alleged victim. A domestic relationship could include current and former couples, parents and children, blood relatives, parents, and roommates. Drug crimes may include possession or sale of a variety of controlled substances, such as cocaine, heroin, or marijuana.

The severity of these crimes typically depends on the amount and type of the substance in question. The criminal offense of driving while intoxicated DWI involves driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In addition to driving while intoxicated, DWI-related crimes in Minnesota include refusing a breath test or careless driving.

When you go through the legal process of expunging or sealing your criminal record, that record can no longer be accessed by authority figures such as employers and landlords. Expunging your criminal record can make it easier for you to find work, secure housing, and obtain loans.

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Federal crimes are crimes tried in federal courts under federal law, and are usually more serious than state-level offenses. Some common examples of federal offenses include white collar crimes, certain types of drug and sex crimes, and immigration crimes. Far more serious than misdemeanors, felony charges almost always involve fairly lengthy jail sentences and other penalties that can upend your entire life.

There are all kinds of ways to commit fraud, and sometimes people may not even understand that they are doing it until they find themselves charged. In Minnesota, homicide and murder charges can carry the most severe penalties and consequences. There are three degrees of murder, two degrees of manslaughter in addition to criminal vehicular homicide. There is a very specific process that juvenile crimes follow in our state.

If you want your child to have the best possible outcome in their case, you need to work with someone who understands the system and knows how to work within it. Kidnapping is a felony level offense in Minnesota. Kidnapping is different and separate from burglary, robbery, or assault charges. If you are an active, reserve, or veteran servicemember facing criminal charges in Minnesota, you need a defense lawyer who understands "both sides. As a Soldier, Officer and defense lawyer, Captain Keyser understands the unique issues surrounding our servicemembers' legal problems. Probation violations can result in having a suspended jail or prison sentence executed, or other alternative sanctions like more community service or additional house arrest.

Probation violation hearings in Minnesota are generally a two-step process. Our aggressive prostitution defense lawyer represents individuals accused throughout Minnesota. We represent prostitution cases involving hotel stings, Craigslist ads, Backpage ads, call girls, street pickups, and other online advertisements. Whether your goal is to dismiss or reduce your prostitution charges, we can help you keep your record clean. To protect your rights and future, you need a strong defense. Minnesota defines simple robbery as the intentional taking of personal property from another with use or threatened use of imminent force.

Simple robbery is different from burglary or other types of robbery offenses in Minnesota. Click our links to read about the differences. Minneapolis solicitation defense lawyer Christopher Keyser is an aggressive trial attorney who wins cases. In every Minnesota solicitation case, Mr. Keyser works to get charges dismissed and keep your criminal record clear. When a dismissal is not possible, he pushes the solicitation case to trial.

Theft crimes in Minnesota range from stealing petty amounts of merchandise to thousands of dollars in bad checks, to stealing cars and embezzling corporate funds. Theft convictions leave a permanent and damaging stain on records that affect employment, housing, licenses, and loans. The punishments for theft are wide ranging depending on the type of theft offense involved. Keyser has been helping people in Minnesota to battle weapons charges for years. He knows exactly what is needed to help you. Work with Chris Keyser and he will do everything in his power to get your charges reduced, dropped, or altogether dismissed.

Because white collar crimes do not involve any physical violence, most people in Minnesota tend to view them as less serious offenses. But white collar crimes can be just as devastating to victims, and in many cases they affect a far larger group of people.

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View More. His first DWI incid. Domestic Assault State v. Since his conviction, he turned his life around by earning a GED,. Felony Drug Possession State v. Client is able to get a fresh. Prostutition State v. Client is a. We got Client's domestic assault charges dismissed.

Client had convictions for wrongfully obtaining public assistance, disorderly conduct, and damage to property that were holding he. Theft 4 separate convictions State v. We convinced th. We secured a dismissal of our Client's felony drug possession charge through her completion of a diversion program. Our petition.

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Shoplifting State v. Client is able to get a fresh st. Disorderly Conduct State v. Client is able to get. Misdemeanor Theft State v. We got Client's misdemeanor theft charge dismissed. Terroristic Threats Threats of Violence State v. Careless Driving State v.

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Client is able t. Gross Misdemeanor Property Damage State v. We got Client's domestic assault charges dismissed and then petitioned to have them sealed from public view. We got Client's domestic assault charge dismissed in St. We then filed for an expungement to seal Client's record. Felony Theft State v. Once the charge was dismissed, we petitioned to s. Falsely Reporting a Crime State v. We convinced t. Marijuana Possession and Drug Paraphernalia State v. Client had petty misdemeanor convictions for possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia in Le Sueur and Nicollet.

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We got client's domestic assault charge dismissed.

criminal defense law office minneapolis minnesota Criminal defense law office minneapolis minnesota
criminal defense law office minneapolis minnesota Criminal defense law office minneapolis minnesota
criminal defense law office minneapolis minnesota Criminal defense law office minneapolis minnesota
criminal defense law office minneapolis minnesota Criminal defense law office minneapolis minnesota
criminal defense law office minneapolis minnesota Criminal defense law office minneapolis minnesota
criminal defense law office minneapolis minnesota Criminal defense law office minneapolis minnesota
criminal defense law office minneapolis minnesota Criminal defense law office minneapolis minnesota

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