Born overseaes from military family and need birth certificate

How much does an application cost? Click here for the current fees. Do I have to have my biometrics taken? Yes, all applicants over 6 years of age are required to have both fingerprints and digital photos taken. Can I make a joint application with my family?

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This would depend on whether your spouse and children are eligible to apply. You should read the eligibility requirements below. Is my child eligible for Citizenship once I am a British Citizen? You should read the children guidance below. Should I apply through a Nationality Checking Service?

This is a personal choice, often it is not required for an application from a soldier because you do not have to meet the same residency requirements, so applications are more straightforward. Spouses may wish to use the service to check they meet the requirements.

What happens if my qualification has run out? Some recognised test qualifications only last for 2 years. However it may apply to some spouses who had to have a B1 qualification to apply for ILR.

How to get a birth certificate records when born in British Military Hospital

I already have a certificate in literacy level 1 or 2. Will this cover the new B1 English Language requirement? However, AFF is currently looking into this issue. Citizenship is considered to be a personal choice and is not a requirement of Service. You should read the guidance in the booklet carefully. The Home Office has tightened up on this part of the good character requirement. You are now likely to be refused Citizenship if you have overstayed at some point in the 10 years prior to an application for Citizenship.

We are not aware of a discretion for soldiers. The guidance states: We should normally exercise discretion where:.

It also does not apply if you were out of the UK on a non-work related trip. However, this does not apply to spouses of Gurkha soldiers. If you are the spouse of a serving Gurkha, and you have spent more than days out of the UK on overseas assignments, your application is likely to fail.

Once your soldier has transferred to the wider Army, you would be able to count your absences as residence in the UK. Since 6 April , it has been a requirement for most applicants for citizenship to have a BRP. This requirement also applies to soldiers who apply.

If you already have a BRP, this must be sent in with the application. Further details about this can be found on page 13 of the guide AN Application for naturalisation. There will be a small cost for this service. Children under 18 applying for registration as a British citizen much also enrol their biometric information. Children under the age of six do not need to provide fingerprints, but must have a digital photo taken of their face. For all information about how to apply click here. It is now necessary to apply online for citizenship if you are in the UK.

Click here to go straight to the form. Gurkhas are not included in the above policy as they remain Nepalese citizens whilst serving with the Brigade.

Children born out of wedlock to have father’s name in birth certificate

Once they have ILR, they can apply for Citizenship immediately if they meet the other main requirements. There is no requirement to wait for 12 months prior to applying. Commonwealth spouses Click here for the form and guidance. There are two ways to become a British citizen if you are married to a soldier. In both cases, you need to have ILR first. Normal applications :. Spouse of British citizen soldier :.

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Unfortunately as part of the new pricing structure introduced on 6th April , the Home Office has removed the price reduction which was previously given for joint adult applications. It is now necessary to pay the full cost for each adult and child application even if applying at the same time. Click here for all information. Citizenship for children born in the UK to a non-British parent who, after their birth, becomes a serving HM Forces member. They are not eligible for a British Passport until they have been registered. Citizenship for children born overseas but not on an overseas assignment to a British parent.

If a child is born in the home country of the parents and one of the parents is a British Citizen at the time of the birth, the child will be born British. Information about this can be found on page 6 of the guide MN1. Children born to parents who are British by descent have no automatic claim to British citizenship. However if the child was born in Ghana whilst the soldier was serving in the UK, then it would not be eligible to register!


As of 1 April children born to non-British parents serving on an overseas assignment can be registered as British at public expense. Citizenship for children born outside the UK, but not during an overseas assignment:. For a list of criteria that are used to assess such applications, read page 16 of the Guide MN1. UKVI will not usually return your documents until a decision has been made on your application. Applications take on average between four to six months to process. If you are due a posting and have not had your passport returned to you, you must inform your unit who should raise the issue to HQ BFG.

Click here for the form and guides to applying. This means that spouses of Gurkhas who have transferred to the wider Army are not able to apply. Unfortunately we have been informed that although UKBA agree this is an unfair rule, to change this will mean a change in primary legislation which realistically is not going to happen when this affects a relatively small number of people. You may be able to make a standard application instead, see below. AFF has recently assisted with a successful joint application, so it seems that this is a possible route if all main requirements are met.

Both the spouse and soldier would need to meet the main requirements, see above. You would need to complete two application forms. However it is no longer cheaper to make a joint application so it may be less risky to wait until the soldier becomes a British Citizen and then apply under the Crown Service rules if you are still overseas.

Do I have to go to a nationality checking service in the UK to apply?

To request a Consular Report of Birth Abroad form (FS-240), you must submit:

No, in fact this is not advised as your application may not be considered under the crown service rules and could be refused. Can I send in certified copies of my passport? Soldiers can do this through their unit. UKBA have informed us that spouses can use certified copies but every page of the passport will need to be certified. This will need to be done by an authorised legal professional.

Born overseaes from military family and need birth certificate
Born overseaes from military family and need birth certificate
Born overseaes from military family and need birth certificate
Born overseaes from military family and need birth certificate
Born overseaes from military family and need birth certificate
Born overseaes from military family and need birth certificate
Born overseaes from military family and need birth certificate

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