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Her trip was made all the more delightful by the fact that she was not bound by any set itinerary, and when she found a place that she liked particularly well she could stay there for an indefinite length of time. She was so interested in the old Basque village of St. Savin, in the Hautes Pyrenees, that she was there for three weeks.

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He is named for his two grand- fathers, and is reported by his mother as being a very remarkable baby. Miss Janet Davison, whom old girls will remember as former librarian at Abbot, was married on Christmas day to Dr. Edgar Dane Bassett. They will live in Columbia, Missouri, where Miss Davison has been working for two years.

During the Christmas holidays word came from Mrs. Frank Sherman, who is living in Hanover with her daughter Margaret. She sent her love and said that she wished she could drop in for a minute some day!

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Miss Rachel Dowd was maid of honor at the wedding of her sister, Frances, when she was married to Mr. Edward A. The wedding was a very pretty one, and took place at Madison, Connecticut, on October third. A few days afterwards the sad news came of the death of Mrs. Dowd, the grandmother of Rachel and Frances.

During the years she shared the housekeeping in Draper Hall with Miss Kimball, and old girls will remem- ber them sitting at the little round table at the end of the dining room. Dowd was a most efficient housekeeper, and a very agreeable and interesting woman. A number of girls went to see Tony Sarg's marionettes when they came to Phillips Academy on the thirtieth of October. They also enjoyed hearing Alfred Noyes read some of his poetry at the Academy, December seventh. These chapel talks by the alumnae are always very inspiring, and as for the alumnae themselves — we love to have them with us!

Riding has been started again at school. For many years it was a regular sport, but when the Andover stable was closed it was given up. This year the girls go to Winchester for their horses, and in spite of the inconvenience they find it very well worth their while. A gratifying number of arm bands were given out to those girls who had taken the prescribed twenty-three walks. Two girls received bars for having taken the walks seven times. The athletic council has decided to give bands and bars for the walks when taken between Christmas and Easter vacations.

Gifts to the library include, "Yule Fire," a collection of Christmas poems, from Miss Josephine Hammond of the Faculty, and nearly three hundred postcard views of buildings in Paris and elsewhere in France, presented by the French department from the proceeds of the play of last year. The very acceptable present of a Strombergand Carlson radio has been given to the school by Mrs. Lucie Locker of Duluth, mother of Lucie Locker of the present senior class. It has been installed in Abbot Hall.

Miss Helen Bean, and her sister, Mrs. McDuffee, have presented a very valuable collection of fossils to the geology department.

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  6. These fossils are beautiful specimens of land plants, for the most part ferns, and were found in Mazon Creek, Illinois, by Miss Bean's grandfather. They belong to the carboniferous period, and illustrate some forms of plant life which existed about one hundred million years ago. This wonderful gift is appreciated more than can be said. School 3ournal Cafattac September 16 School year opens.

    Miss Bailey. Miss Bailev on "Prayer. Miss Carpenter on "General Hygiene. Burnham on "The Cure of the Cross. October 4 Chapel. Miss Bailey on "Trusting in God. Stackpole on " Combining Ability and Effort. Alden G. Alley on "International Peace. Charles W. Henry on "Service. First lecture on " Hygiene.

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    Ralph Harlow on "Friendly Relations Committee. Second lecture on " Hygiene. Yories on "Founding of Omi Mission. Charles H.

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    Cutler on "Sense of Property and Sense of Beauty. Third Lecture on "Hygiene. Miss Kelsey on "Founding and Growth of Abbot. John Arthur Hopkins on "Egypt.

    Hopkins on "Self Expression. Edith Maclure Patterson on "How to Buy. Miss Hammond on "How to Study. McGiffert on "Ships. Ellsworth on "Queen Elizabeth and Her Times. Ellsworth on "The English Bible. Fletcher Parker on "Self Giving. Alexander Blackman. Arthur Bassett at Piano. Miss Bailey on "Power, Love, and Discipline. Corridor Stunts. Frederick A. Cectures On October 17th we were very fortunate in hearing an excellent speaker on International Peace. Alden Alley has had wide experience in world affairs, and having been recently in Geneva, the extremely interesting and essential information that he gave us of the League's concerns was made very realistic.

    The World Court also has hitherto been more or less an imaginative tale to most of us, but through this invaluable lecture we are awakening to something real that we ourselves may take part in in a short time. She spoke particularly of Abbot Hall, its former position, and gave a description of the interior in early days.

    She awakens us always to the realization that there is a history to many of the things that we are so accustomed to and which go by unnoticed.

    Our appreciation of her is always deepened when she brings up realistically the in- cidents of the past and excites our interest over connections between the present school and the girls of former days. Hopkins, on the evening of November 19, introduced to us an Egyptian woman, a modern young Egyptian girl, and last but not least, a desert Sheik. A display of several Egyptian carpets and ornaments lent the talk an atmos- phere well befitting her subject on the land of pyramids.

    Hopkins, be- sides giving a brief history of Egypt during the last century, made her lecture lightly interesting by instances of her own personal experiences in Egypt last summer. On the following day Mrs. Hopkins spoke to us in morning chapel and visited the English classes, where she gave us very valuable suggestions in the field of short-story writing. On November 30th, we heard the long-anticipated lecture of Mr.

    Ellsworth's humour and delight- fully interesting style of speaking made Queen Elizabeth live for us, and lifted the hazy veil from her brilliant contemporaries and the incredible development of her flourishing kingdom. Lantern slides pressed colorful impressions on our minds, and Shakespeare's England blossomed for us almost overnight. In chapel the next morning Mr. Ellsworth gave a brief but exceedingly valuable talk on "The English Bible," connecting it with the subject of the night before.

    Ellsworth certainly left with us a vivid background of that great unrivaled age. Our D. Nations today are beginning to realize a little of a strong ideal that can grow from the true art in citizenship. Her tales of 36 THE ABBOT COURANT the model villages in England that are becoming such an interest seemed akin to us, a few miles from the model village of Shawsheen, and the concrete steps that she pointed out for us to take for our personal art in citizenship made real and close this problem of the present day.

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    Concerts The first of a series of faculty recitals was given by Mr. Howe on Tuesday, October 27th. He played selections from Corelli, Franck, Brahms and Reger. West's Sonata in D Minor was interesting and rendered with a very fine interpretation. The rest of the program included some less serious composi- tions from Lopartz, de Malingreau. Reuchsel and Jones.

    Greatly as have Mr.

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