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We would respectfully direct our visitors to our Elizabethan Era Copyright page and Elizabethan Era Privacy Statement regarding the Terms of Use of this history site, both may be accessed from the links provided at the bottom of this page. Queen Elizabeth's Coat of Arms. On arrival in America, Drake feared the fleet splitting up, so ordered two ships to be destroyed.

They then sailed to Brazil, and successfully navigated the notoriously difficult Strait of Magellan in He was the first Englishman to do so. Then there was more bad luck, as the Marigold was lost, and the Elizabeth sailed back to England.

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Out of the crew that started the voyage, only 58 crew members remained on the voyage by October of and all were now on the one remaining ship — the Pelican. It became the Golden Hind. He took over the Spanish ship, Nuestra Senora de la Concepcion, only hurting the captain with an arrow.

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He gained a wealth of treasure from this! They then crossed the Pacific and through the Indian Ocean, past Indonesia and all the way back to England, returning with much treasure and exotic spices. He had become the first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe on 26th September, It was thought that she dined on the Golden Hind at Deptford in and it was after this meal that he became Sir Francis Drake. But in fact, she delegated the job of knighting Drake to Marquis de Marchaumont, a French ambassador.

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In September of the same year, he was made Mayor of Plymouth. The water supply he set up for the city under this role lasted years! Then, in , he married again, to Elizabeth Sydenham, who was 20 years younger than him and a wealthy heiress.

1. Sir Francis Drake was the first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe

With their combined fortune, they lived in Buckland Abbey, Devon. The Abbey is now a museum owned by the National Trust. The attacked fleet was to be part of the Armada, and this action delayed it for a year. Broadside positioning, devised by Drake, was a success.

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He claimed the land for for England which he called New Albion he returned to England In he was knighted Sir Francis Drake on board the Golden Hind by Queen Elizabeth He purchased Buckland Abbey in Devon In Drake married Elizabeth Sydenham, some twenty years his junior who came from a wealthy and well-connected family Drake travelled to Brazil accompanied by his nephew Richard Hawkins 26 June - Drake visited Sir Walter Raleigh's colony headed by Ralph Lane, finding disheartened colonists and hostile Indians In Drake attacked and destroyed the Spanish Fleet at Cadiz - referred to as 'Singeing Philip of Spain's beard' In he was appointed Vice Admiral of the navy that destroyed the Spanish Armada Famous for finishing a game of bowls whilst waiting for the weather to change before sailing to meet the Spanish Armada Spanish Armada of ships sails for England.

Additional details, facts, history and information about the famous Elizabethans and events in Elizabethan Times can be accessed via the Elizabethan Era Sitemap. Sir Francis Drake. Picture of Sir Francis Drake. The Age of Exploration.

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  • Distant relative of Sir Walter Raleigh Drake married Mary Newman before he had acquired wealth or fame in but she died 12 years later In Queen Elizabeth commissioned Drake as a privateer to sail for the Americas.

    Background information on sir francis drake
    Background information on sir francis drake
    Background information on sir francis drake
    Background information on sir francis drake
    Background information on sir francis drake
    Background information on sir francis drake
    Background information on sir francis drake

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